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A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail

In between making science comedy shows, Festival of the Spoken Nerd have created a podcast.

It’s called A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail.

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Sep 22, 2020

In this final episode of Series 1, Steve talks about how plants transmit their genes, Helen eavesdrops on whales and Matt decodes spacecraft transmissions. Plus a song about the bravest little transmitter in the known universe.  

  • 00:48 - Steve's bit
  • 14:13 - Matt's bit
  • 28:38 - Helen's bit
  • 41:42 - The Philae Song


Sep 15, 2020

Steve goes to war against rote learning; Matt tells us how ancient numbers affect what we can and can't name our dogs; and Helen's bit is elementary, my dear listener.

  • 00:50 - Matt's bit
  • 12:41 - Steve's bit
  • 25:22 - Helen's bit
  • 40:26 - Helen's bonus brassy song

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Sep 8, 2020

In this episode, Steve talks about a sticky effect, Matt gets us tangled in stick knots, and Helen gets stuck into sticky numbers: 

  • 00:43 - Steve's bit
  • 11:29 - Matt's bit
  • 24:16 - Helen's bit

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Sep 1, 2020

In this episode, Helen investigates a curious ring that lives in the sea, Steve contemplates the meaning of life itself and Matt brings along some bagels: 

  • 00:47 - Helen's bit
  • 11:02 - Matt's bit
  • 21:29 - Steve's bit

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Sep 1, 2020

In this episode, Steve tries to measure distant stars with his thumb, Matt talks black holes & plot holes and Helen plays some of her favourite space sounds. Plus a song from Helen that may provide useful information for your future interstellar travel needs:

  • 01:01 -  Steve's bit
  • 12:24 - Helen's bit
  • 25:40 - Matt's bit